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I love to learn. No matter where I am in the world, I am always committed to learning something new. The same goes for fintech. Since starting my Ducatus journey, I have been committed to learning everything I can about fintech and cryptocurrency to make Ducatus coin the most relevant and useful means of financial exchange in the future.


Fintech has disrupted the financial world, automating services and creating more secure transactions to protect our money. Fintech is constantly changing, so it is imperative that I keep up on the latest fintech services and products. One way is through podcasts. Below are the top five fintech podcasts that are very beneficial to novices and experts. 


  1. Fintech Insider — This podcast offers much in variety not only in the fintech topics covered but also by the number of hosts, such as Ross Gallagher, Jason Bates, and Leda Glyptis. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts about fintech, from artificial intelligence and big data to APIs and mobile banking. 
  2. Fintech Growth with Duncan Currie — Duncan Currie has an extensive background in finance and fintech. He founded Stage3, a performance marketing agency that focuses on cards, payments, and fintech. Currie’s podcast gives listeners an in-depth view of product design, innovation and growth marketing for fintech startups and scaleups. Topics covered including hiring, unifying payments, and exits in the fintech ecosystem. 
  3. Tearsheet with Zach Miller — This podcast gives you views on the financial world and fintech. You’ll learn about the latest trends in the financial industry and how fintech is impacting it. What is most enjoyable are the interviews with industry experts, such as Gary Hoberman and Stephanie Schultz. 
  4. Around the Coin — This podcast is for entrepreneurs who focus on the payment industry. It has more than one host, such as Faisal Khan, Nako Mbelle and Mike Townsend, which provides many perspectives on everything fintech. Also, Around the Coin has launched two new series – Behind the Coin (cryptocurrency) and Money on the Move (global money transfers and payments).  
  5. Breaking Banks — This podcast was the first one on fintech. Hosted by Brett King, Breaking Banks documents the technological changes that created the era of fintech. It also discusses the future of fintech. King interviews guests from the different sectors of the financial and fintech industries, such as bank CEOs, futurists, engineers, and authors. 


Each one of these podcasts provides insights into fintech and related topics. By listening to them, you will stay on the leading edge of fintech. I look forward to discovering new fintech podcasts in 2020!